Education BOT
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Chatbot for Education Industry - The Future

The leap into the education system has been taken by technology years ago. And now the AI based chatbots are creating waves in education industry. Chatbot is an undying trend that would take the education industry into different level. Here's how it can be beneficial for your industry-

  • Assist, advice and answer the queries of your applicants.
  • Track and automate student data collection during your off hours.
  • Connect with students personally, in real-time.
  • Make the application filling easy and simple.
  • Keep them engaged.
  • Roll out visitors' tracking and analytics in a single platform.
  • Anytime, every time provide a live support.
  • Integrate with range of apps.
  • Drive engagement with Zoho CRM

Nexivo has a team of experts who will understand your business, design, build and deploy the chatbot as per your business need. Our expertise is to create perfect fit tailor-made chatbots for your requirements. That would save your money and time, and with that increase your ROI.